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Corrugated Sheets and Rolls

Corrugated Cardboard is ideal protection for large and bulky ornaments, furniture pieces, pictures and framed art. Corrugated cardboard is made in various forms, including single face rolls, single wall sheets, double wall sheets, and triple wall sheets. 

Double wall corrugated products provide extra durability and cushioning. Triple wall corrugated sheets provides even higher durability and shock resistance. 


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  • Single Face Corrugated Rolls


    Single Face Corrugated Rolls is used when wrapping flexibility is required or when wrapping large and bulky items that won't fit into a box.


    • Cheaper and less durable than other corrugated cardboards
    • Roll form makes it user friendly and easy to dispense
    • Can be shaped anyway to suit your needs
    • Shock absorbent
    • 100% recyclable

      Following is a list of sizes we stock. Other sizes are available upon request.
  • Corrugated Cardboard Sheets


    Corrugated Cardboard Sheets can be used to protect and separate layers of products when packing cartons. It adds a little extra protection when packaging awkward and fragile goods.


    • Used for displays, lining, cushioning and crafting
    • Great for protecting photos, cards, books, art etc.
    • Provides a thin, yet durable, pad of protection between layers of your products
    • 100% recyclable
  • Multi Wall Corrugated Sheets


    Adding layers to corrugated sheets provides better strength and shock resistance. Double wall and triple wall sheets are commonly used for extra protection of products.


    • More durable than single wall corrugated cardboard
    • Provides a strong cushioning effect, absorbing shock which may occur during transit
    • 100% recyclable
  • Cardboard Pallet Sheets


    Cardboard pallet corrugated pads or pallet liners are used to cover the bottom of pallets to protect and to keep your product clean from dust and intact from the rough uneven surface or even the heads of nails of the pallets. Pallet liners can be used to seperate products into different layers on a pallet to help with sorting during distrubution.



    • Increases load security
    • Reduces damage to goods during transit
    • Position on top or base of pallet to protect goods 
    • Cardboard pallet sheets are inexpensive
    • 100% recyclable


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