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Disposable catering supplies are perfect for schools, fundraisers, charity events and much more. Our disposable catering equipment include plates, bowls and cutlery, as well as a variety of drinkware.

  • Cutlery



    We offers a very large range of plastic cutlery that includes mini utensils, economy, heavy weight and premium cutlery sets. Specialist items such as tub spoons, sundae spoons, folding spoons and forks are also stock lines. 

     All cutlery is manufactured in a wide choice of colours including white, clear, black and champagne. Manufactured from food grade polystyrene, all cutlery complies with Australian standards and can be packed and manufactured to suit individual requirements.


    Following is a list of types we stock.

  • Plates & Bowls


    Plates & Bowls

    Our Plates & Bowls are durable, lightweight and practical. They are fit for use in both outdoors and indoors, at events, parties and functions. 

    There is a parallel range of lids for use with each type of plate or bowl which fit firmly in place to protect food whilst serving. All bowls, plates and lids are available as standard in black, champagne, white and clear. All products are available to buy in bulk or in small packs to suit your needs.


    Following is a list of types and sizes we stock 

  • Cups



    We are able to offer a wide range of disposable cups with lids for both hot and cold drinks, made from a variety of materials including foam, paper and polystyrene.


    Following is a list of types and sizes we stock.

  • Cling Wrap - Caterer's Pack


    Cling Wrap

    We offer premium caterers wrap which is a perfect cling wrap solution for all foodservice wrapping applications. It is easy to use, slide cutter included with every roll. 

     It is perfect for keeping food fresh. It has a longer stretch and excellent cling. It is anti-fog. It has a safety slide cutter. It is suitable for all foodservice applications. It has superior clarity when refrigerated. It is made of plastersized food grade PVC.


    Following is a list of types we stock.

  • Biodegradable Cling Wrap - Caterer's Pack


    Cling Wrap

    We offer landfill-biodegradable cling wrap which is great for restaurant and café use. 

     It is Food grade approved, Microwave Safe, BPA free, PVC free film, Landfill Biodegradable ( bio-degradation in landfill by naturally occurring micro organisms), Recyclable (they can be recycled with other soft plastics). The additive does not affect the recycling process. It has a slider cutting mechanism for easy cut-off.


    Following is a list of types we stock.

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