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Eco-friendly Packaging

  • HexcelWrap - Environmentally Friendly

    The most protective, cost-effective and environmentally-friendly wrapping system for all of your shipping needs. 

    Hexcel Wrap is sustainable and reduces damage and is eco friendly packaging. It is easy to use and operationally efficient. 

    HexcelWrap is 100% recyclable and biodegradable packaging. It is made from FSC paper. It requires no taping. It ships flat, expands as you wrap. It is easy to tear at any length. It won't scratch. It provides cushioning that won't flatten during shipping. 

    It is perfect for glassware, ceremics, cosmetics and all fragiles. 


    * Available in White paper.
  • EcoPure Dispensing Cartons

    Available in Dispensing Boxes with easy to tear perforations. Sizes include 375mm x 50m & 375mm x 100m both with standard perforation lengths of 500mm. 

    Dispensing Boxes can be supplemented by purchasing 375mm x 50m x 4 rolls &375mm x 100m x 4 rolls. 

  • EcoPure Industrial Rolls

    Industrial rolls are all produced at 1500mm wide and come in varying lengths starting from 100m. All industrial rolls are able to be slit and perforated to custom requirements. These products are environmentally friendly packaging and recyclable. 

    EcoPure's standard air bubble range consists of 3 bubble profiles as indicated in the following table. Each individual profile is characterized by diameter and height of bubble. 

    These are biodegradable packaging and can ensure that you do not cause any harm to the environment on the whole. Get in touch with us for more details at 03 9534 9031

  • EcoPure Retail Roll, Bag, Sheet and Tubing

    Bubble Bags, Bubble Sheets and Bubble Tubing are a convenient and economical packaging solution for high volume uniform sized products. They are best solution for your packaging needs. 






    Retail rolls standard sizes include: 

  • Biodegradable Cling Wrap - Caterer's Pack


    Cling Wrap

    We offer landfill-biodegradable cling wrap which is great for restaurant and café use. 

     It is Food grade approved, Microwave Safe, BPA free, PVC free film, Landfill Biodegradable ( bio-degradation in landfill by naturally occurring micro organisms), Recyclable (they can be recycled with other soft plastics). The additive does not affect the recycling process. It has a slider cutting mechanism for easy cut-off.


    Following is a list of types we stock.

  • Takeaway Containers with Lids


    • Made from sugarcane bagasse, a 100% eco-friendly material
    • Home and industrial composting 
    • Suitable for both hot and cold food
    • Leak proof and sturdy
    • Made from recycled materials and compostable 
    • Option for sugarcane lid or PET lid



  • Takeaway Bowls with Lids


    • Made from sugarcane bagasse, a 100% eco-friendly material
    • Can be composted at home or industrially 
    • Suitable for both hot and cold food
    • 5 popular sizes 
    • Made from recycled materials and compostable 


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