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Boxboard Cartons & Sheets

Boxboard is a heavy paper that appears to contain only one paper layer. It is primarily used to make food packaging and gift boxes, for example boxes to hold food mixes, cereals, tissues, toothpaste, cosmetics, medication, shoes and gifts.

Boxboard sheets are commonly used to interleave between products, and as dividers to protect glass bottles and breakable products. These can also be used as backing boards and stiffeners to protect photos and doccuments in transit.

  • Boxboard Products


    Boxboard can be used in many different forms, which can be custom die-cut and printed to suit your needs. Printed boxboard is an easy way to make your products look attractive and well presented, especially in the retail or online space.

    Please note that we do not hold boxboard products in stock. We make these to order to suit your individual requirements.

    Below are a range of styles we commonly produce.


    • Tuck in top cartons 
    • Pillow packs
    • Sleeves
    • Carry packs
    • Sandwich packs



    • Assembled dividers
    • Header cards
    • Blister/backing cards
    • Photo frame folders
    • Brochure holders
    • Skin card sheet





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