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Stretch Wrap Dispensers

  • Portable Stretch Wrap Dispenser


    Portable Stretch Wrap Dispenser:

    Portable Stretch Wrap Dispenser/Film wraps large, bulky pallets up to 70" tall with this rolling dispenser.


    • Heavy duty, quality swivel casters glide throughout your warehouse
    • Handles film rolls from 10" to 70"
    • Adjustable tension control
    • Cast Stretch Wrap - Clear and quiet. Smooth, easy release. For uniform loads up to 2,500 lbs. Stretches up to 250%.
  • No 24AC Tensioner


    No 24AC Tensioner: 

    No 24AC Tensioner is a feedwheel type tensioner with unlimited take-up. 


    • Can be fed directly from the coil and used in any position
    • Has long 310mm cast iron handles, torsion spring loaded strap holder, steel feedwheel and gripper
    • Suitable for 13mm, 16mm, & 19mm blue tempered & black painted steel strapping
    • Weight: 2.05kg
  • No 24IC Tensioner


    No 24IC Tensioner: 

    This is a feedwheel type tensioner, similar to No 24AC. The gripper and feedwheel act upon the full 19mm strap width to produce more efficient tensioning.


    • With 240mm handle, wider base, gripper and feedwheel
    • Takes up to 19mm wide black painted and blue tempered strapping
    • Weight: 2.10kg
  • No31D Shears


    No31D Shears:

    Paramount offers No31D Shears.


    • Long 230mm handles produce enough leverage to cut Venhart 19mm steel strapping with one action
    • Made from cast iron with plastic covered hand grips
    • Safety guard prevents the strap end from flicking up when cut

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