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Poly Bags

Poly bags, also known as polyethylene bags, have a variety of uses in many industries. such as textiles, food and other related sectors. Choose from an array of styles, sizes and shapes to find a bag that fits the products or items you need to store. 

  • Plain Poly Bags - LDPE


    This type of plastic is commonly used for utility bags, food bags, bread bags as well as bags with moderate strength and stretch properties. Though LDPE is not as strong as HDPE bags, they are capable of storing bulk items, specifically food and meat products. Moreover, the clear plastic makes it easy to identify the contents.


    The chart below lists our stocked sizes. Custom sizes can be ordered as well.

  • Produce Bags


    Produce Bags:

    Paramount offers Produce Bags for use on self-serve produce applications at supermarkets, grocery stores, or fruit/vegetable stands. These high density bags on rolls have outstanding strength and are light weight, making them an excellent choice for a utility storage bag or produce bag.


    • Made from strong high density polyethylene
    • Packed on rolls for quick dispensing
    • Comes perforated for easy tear-off
    • Printed with a child suffocation warning
    • Great for self-serve produce applications
  • Magic Seal Bags - White Panel


    Magic Seal Bags - White Panel:

    Paramount offers white panel resealable bags for all your packaging needs. These clear, reclosable poly bags feature white write-on panels so you can easily identify the bag contents. The white panel will help you identify and label things such as custom orders, specific dates, small parts, and much more.


    • Write-on panel featured for easy content identification
    • Recommended for storing and shipping parts and much more
    • Made from 100% virgin low density polyethylene
    • Can be written by marker, pen, or stamp
  • Magic Seal Bags


    Magic Seal Bags:

    Paramount offers Magic seal bags for all your packaging needs. All of our stock resealable bags are manufactured to the highest quality standards and offer excellent clarity and reliable closure performance.


    • Made with 100% virgin low density polyethylene
    • Excellent clarity so you can see what’s inside the bag
    • Trustworthy zip closure protects your contents
    • Perfect for storing, displaying, and protecting
  • Plastic Mattress Cover Bags


    Plastic Mattress Cover Bags:

    Paramount sells mattress bags to provide affordable protection for your mattresses against dirt and dust during storage or moving.

    These bags have side gussets to help the mattresses fit into the bag more easily and can be ordered as perforated rolls for easy tear-off and dispensing.

  • Carton Liners Bags - Plastic HDPE


    Carton Liners Bags - Plastic HDPE:

    Paramount offers clear plastic box liner bags for all kinds of shipping and packaging needs. Many products and goods are shipped and stored in corrugated boxes that often require a liner to help prevent product spillage or to protect contents from outside moisture. Some examples of products that are commonly packaged with poly box liners include frozen foods such as fruits and vegetables, food ingredients, and semi-liquids.


    • Shield goods during packaging in boxes
    • Helps prevent product spillage
    • Protect contents inside from outside elements
    • Available in high density and low density
    • Clear and black colors available
    • Star-sealed bottom and flat bottom available
  • Furniture Plastic Cover Bags


    Furniture Plastic Cover Bags:

    Paramount offers plastic cover bags for all your furniture protection needs. Our plastic furniture bags are made of durable low density polyethylene and offers protection from dirt, dust, and moisture when storing and moving furniture. These bags fit over furniture easily and are made from durable materials.

    They are ideal for various chair sizes, loveseats, or various sizes of sofas. Whether you need these furniture bags for seasonal storage, moving or shipping, our clear covers will help protect against outside dust, soil, and water damage.

  • Dry Cleaning Bags


    Dry Cleaning Bags:

    Paramount's Clear Polyethylene Dry Cleaning bags are made with hanger holes, sloped shoulders and are  available in both roll form and pieces for easy dispensing. Plastic Dry Cleaning Garment Bags on Rolls are perfect for protecting everything in your wardrobe from dust and dirt, and keeping them wrinkle free!




  • Carry Bags


    Carry Bags:

    Our plastic carrier bags come in a wide range of colours and sizes. The list bellow shows various types of carry bags available.

    • Punched or patched handle carriers
    • Varigauge carriers
    • Clip close carriers
    • Flexiloop handle carrier
    • Twisted string or rope handle
    • Duffle bag
    • Counter bag
    • Vest style or t-shirt carriers
    • Plain, Coloured and Special print
  • Singlet Bags

    Singlet bags are extremely handy, durable, inexpensive, great for retail, packaging, or wrapping books for a water and dustproof layer. 

    Singlet bags are incredibly versatile and can be used as bin liners, storage bags or even carry bags. The sizes available are in small, medium or large, so there will be a Singlet bag to fit whatever your need.


  • Garbage Bags

    Garbage bags for the kitchen or yard allow employees and family members to clean up their messes easily and place trash in one location. Once full, these bags can easily be taken out of the business or home for pick up by trash disposal company.

    Our garbage bags are also used in the industrial, commercial and institutional markets. Our bags are produced using high-quality 100% recycled resin and known for its thick gauges, strength, and dependability.


  • Plain Poly Bags - HDPE

    HDPE plastic bags can be found in restaurants, convenience stores, grocery stores, delis and even in homes for storing and packaging purposes. HDPE is also used for garbage bags, utility bags, T-shirt bags, and laundry bags, among others.

    One of the most common plastics used around the world, HDPE features a variety of qualities, which makes it an excellent material for manufacturing plastic bags. It’s lightweight, relatively transparent, water and temperature resistant, and has high tensile strength.


  • Biodegradable Resealable Bags


    These Biodegradable resealable sandwich bags are designed to help your food stay fresh.

    You can use these for school, office or picnics.  The bags are easy to lock, and sized to 20cm x 18cm. 


    • Resealable bags with green text written on the side to identify them as landfill-biodegradable bags.
    • Strong zip seal to contain your items.
    • Bags can be reused and washed multiple times.
    • These resealable bags will be digested away by natural microorganisms after disposal to a landfill.
    • Recyclable- these can be recycled with other soft plastics.


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