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Foam Packaging

Protective foam packaging systems for fragile and/or high value products that can be designed with many of our high performance cushioning materials and systems.

  • Opti-Step® Flooring Underlayment


    The Opti-Step® portfolio of flooring underlayments leverages the experience and technology of Sealed Air’s foams, film, composites and converting capabilities. The offering consists of both Classic and Premium grades of polyethylene foams and cross-link foams with and without moisture barrier for applications into engineered wood, hardwood and laminate flooring applications.


    • Acoustical Properties
    • Compressive Creep
    • Compressive Strength
    • Tear Resistance
    • Thermal Performance
    • Classic and Premium Polyethylene Grades
    • Available With and Without Moisture Barrier



  • Pad Molding System



    • Creates four 17 inch flat pads per minute
    • Adjustable pad thickness accommodates a variety of packaging applications
    • Floor space required: 18 square feet




  • Pedestal Molding™ system


    The Instapak® Pedestal Molding™ system, in conjunction with the Instapak® 900 Series hand-held foam dispensing system, allows customers to create cushions without limit to mold cavity depth or minimum wall thickness. The basic Instapak® Pedestal Molding™ system can be modified in different ways to produce molded cushions for a variety of applications.


    • Uses an Instapak® Pedestal Molding™ Film bag to save material while speeding up and simplifying the hand-held molding process
    • Unique up and down action brings the center of the mold up and out of the mold cavity for easy film placement
    • Removes limitations of extreme mold cavity depth and/or narrow wall thickness - this new process makes it easy to place film in deep and narrow sections of a mold
    • Molding stations are custom-built to your application by the packaging engineers in our Packaging Design Centers



  • Tractor Mold® system


    The Instapak Tractor Mold® system produces custom Instapak® foam cushions consistently at lightning speeds. Designed specifically for high-volume,high-throughput operations, the Instapak Tractor Mold® system has the speed to keep up with the most demanding operations.


    • High Speed Solution - Designed specifically for high-volume, high-throughput operations, the Instapak Tractor Mold® system produces up to 30 linear feet of Instapak® cushions per minute to keep up with the most demanding operations.
    • Unique Design - 382 individual mold segments configured into two contiguous treads that mold the custom shape of an Instapak® cushion as it travels down the mold tunnel. By the time the cushion reaches the end of the tunnel it is fully cured and separated by a precision cutting mechanism.
    • Cold Chain - The Tractor Mold® system is perfect for automatically producing insulative cushions. The unique design of our knock-down cooler panels provides superior thermal protection and can yield significant cost savings, especially in shipping, assembly and material storage and handling.



  • Twin Vertical Molding System


    The Twin Vertical Molding Station can consistently produce up to 100 cushions per hour. It features two separate mold cavities and requires only 12 square feet of floor space.


    • Low initial investment
    • Capable of producing up to 100 cushions per hour
    • Only 12 square feet of floor space required



  • Instapacker® TableTop


    This affordable foam-in-bag packaging system combines the proven reliability of our 900 Series metering systems with the convenience and cost effectiveness of the foam-in-bag process.


    • A simplified touch-key control panel virtually eliminates the operator’s learning curve
    • Capable of producing up to 16 Instapak® foam-filled bags per minute
    • Supports the packaging needs of shipping rooms, multiple pack station operations and even the production floor
    • Reduces material and labor costs



  • Instapak Complete®


    The Instapak Complete® system is a compact, bench mounted system that creates continuous foam tubes and foam-filled cushions that provide superior protection with minimal foam usage. The Instapak Complete® system puts the right amount of protection where you need it.


    • Compact footprint with customizable programming
    • Advanced Instapak® CFT Technology
    • Reduce cube size and shipping volume



  • Instapak Simple®


    The Instapak® Simple™ foam-in-bag packaging system is our easiest to use foam-in-bag system yet, merging the premium performance of Instapak® foam packaging with an on-demand delivery system that requires minimal training and service.


    • Powered through a standard electrical outlet
    • Pre-set push button operation
    • Small 2.5 gallon material bottles snap into place
    • Designed to require minimal service
    • Packaging that just works, right out of the box
    • Compact, mobile platform



  • SpeedyPacker®


    For high-volume packaging applications, nothing measures up better than our patented SpeedyPacker Insight® system. The system quickly delivers cost-effective, superior product protection and presents your product to your customers in an attractive, damage-free package.


    • The versatile industrial grade touch screen display lets the operator select optimum bag size and foam combinations to provide fast, secure protection for a wide variety of items.
    • Nearly limitless cushion combination options available, including Continuous Foam Tubes (CFT's).
    • Create entire sequences of bags and/or Continuous Foam Tubes with the push of a single button to streamline your operation
    • Barcode scanning and helpful “how-to” resources ensure your products are packaged the optimal way, every time
    • Online videos demonstrating a variety of packaging techniques can be viewed at any time.
    • Delivers cost effective, superior product protection and presents your product to your customers in an attractive, damage-free package.



  • Stratocell® Whisper®


    Whisper® foam is a hydrophobic material that provides excellent acoustical properties. This material is easy to fabricate and install, and is consistent in humid environments, which will save you time and money.


    • A non-fibrous material
    • No additional films for moisture barrier
    • Source reduction
    • Labor savings
    • Reduced overall solution cost



  • Light Density Foams


    Cost-efficient cushioning protection available for today’s lighter weight products. Its exceptionally high strength-to-weight ratio reduces cube, and costs, by providing superior protection using less material than many alternative packaging methods.


    • Stratocell® E Foam





  • Medium Density Foams


    Provides cushioning protection against repeated shock, comparable to conventional extruded plank, but with a softer surface that fabricates more easily and heat-bonds without skiving.


    • Stratocell® E Foam





  • Stratocell® Plus


    Stratocell® Plus foam laminates provide outstanding protection for a wide range of packaging applications where extra strength is needed. Provides all the proven benefits of our laminated plank, plus the added strength and durability of either film or foam backing.



    • Top layer of 3.5 mil. polyethylene film or 1/8" high-density Cellu-Cushion®foam, to provide additional strength and rigidity when needed.






  • Molding Wheel


    The Instapak® Molding Wheel can produce up to 300 cushions per hour. The efficient design provides six mold cavities which require only 24 square feet of floor space.






  • Instamolder™


    The Instamolder™ system can produce up to 600 protective cushions an hour, ideal for high-volume operations. The unit comes in 8, 10 or 12 mold box configurations and only requires 50 square feet of floor space.






  • Cellu-Cushion® Excell™


    Cellu-Cushion® Excell™ foam is a closed cell polyethylene foam that expands to twice its original width. The proprietary die-cut design allows the material to expand and is engineered to lock into place and stay expanded. Excell™ foams can be used as a cost-efficient option in most flexible foam environments requiring cushioning protection for fragile items such as glassware or electronics. The nature of the material makes it ideal for applications that require water drainage and airflow, such as produce.


    • Reduced Shipping Costs
    • Warehouse Space Savings
    • Offers Drainage of Liquids
    • Promotes Ventilation




  • EXP 100 Foam


    Ideal for concrete construction applications requiring a high performance material that is thermoformable, impervious to most chemicals, and performs consistently over a wide range of temperatures.






  • Laminates


    Cellu-Cushion® foam can be combined with other materials through lamination for custom applications, including printed films, adhesive films, and other polymer types.






  • Slack Skin


    Originally developed for the body board industry, configured with a tough, smooth plastic layer laminated to one side.






  • Ethafoam Synergy fine-cell


    Ethafoam Synergy fine-cell, high performance, extruded, closed cell polyethylene foam products are manufactured to meet the highest quality and environmental standards.


    • Ethafoam® Synergy® fine cell foams are ideal for case insert, tool control, and other applications requiring excellent performance and aesthetics
    • 48" wide now available.




  • Flame Resistant


    Durable, lightweight, flexible, solid extruded product that meets the requirements for U.S. Federal Standard FAR 25.853 (a) and Airbus Directives ABD 0031. The foam also meets or exceeds the requirements in CID A-A-59136, Class 1, Grade C, Type I. The characteristics of this product make it ideal for airline seat cushioning.



  • Medium and High Density Foams


    Sealed Air offers a variety of low/medium to high densities with color and thickness options to meet any packaging or non-packaging application.






  • Military Grade


    Sealed Air offers an exclusive family of Ethafoam® military packaging products designed to consistently meet the shipping, storage and handling requirements for military applications. 






  • Recycled Content Foam


    Sealed Air offers an environmentally friendly Ethafoam® plank option for customers who want to combine performance with commitment.


    • Maximum Recycled Content Foam - This product is made with a minimum of 100% pre-consumer recycled resin content.
    • High Recycled Content FoamEthafoam® HRC (High Recycled Content) PE foam guarantees a minimum 65% recycled resin content. It provides the usual benefits and qualities of standard Ethafoam® PE foam.





  • Instapak Quick® RT Packaging


    Instapak Quick® RT Packaging: All the cost-saving benefits and proven performance of Instapak® foam packaging without the need for equipment. Quick® RT provides general duty cushioning and light blocking and bracing for products of all different sizes and weights. It is designed to work across a wide range of applications. For heavier products, Quick Tuff® RT offers the maximum protection and expands the versatility while enhancing the performance of the Quick® packaging process.


    • Easy-to-Use - Anyone can become a packaging expert - instantly
    • Superior Product Protection- Virtually eliminate shipping damage
    • No Start Up Costs - No dispensing system or warming unit needed
    • Versatile - Protects products of almost any size, shape and weight
    • Fast - Expands in seconds to form custom-fit protective foam cushions cushions
    • Convenient - Takes up little space and is completely mobile so you can use it anywhere
    • Customer Satisfaction - Product arrives in a neat professional package




  • Instapak® 901 Foam-in-Place Packaging System


    The Instapak® 901 Foam-in-Place Packaging System is ideal for mid-size packaging applications, while the Instapak® 900 Foam-in-Place Packaging System is suited for small packaging applications.


    • Self-diagnostic controls
    • Built-in timers
    • The flexibility of adjusting the amount of foam dispensed for your application
    • All electric operation; no compressed air




  • iMold System


    The fully automated Instapak iMold® system instantly creates engineered, pre-molded Instapak® foam cushions for immediate use or to be transferred into storage bins for batching applications. Sealed Air’s patented Foam Dispersion Technology™ guarantees cushion consistency and integrity by dispensing Instapak® foam where it’s needed most, while eliminating material waste. Operators only need to select a mold and the desired number of cushions and the Instapak iMold® system does the rest.


    • Significantly reduces labor and ensures that each cushion is consistently a perfect fit for your specific packaging needs.
    • RFID technology automatically recognizes mold changeovers and loads the correct cushion recipe, providing error-free operation, while the easy-to-use touch screen display minimizes set up.
    • System has a modest footprint, making it the perfect size for decentralized, work cell packaging environments.



  • Recycled Content Foam


    Stratocell® RC polyethylene foam contains a minimum of 65% recycled resin content with the same level of performance as the regular Stratocell® polyethylene foam.


    • Stratocell® RC




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