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Strapping Dispensers


  • Spinnox B


    Spinnox B: 

    The Spinnox B straps signs, conduit, etc. to poles. One end of a precut length of stainless steel strap is threaded through a buckle. The other end is looped around the pole, through the buckle, cutter and gripper. The strap is tightened by winding the handle, the end folded back and hammered flat then trimmed with the Spinnox cutter. Finally the buckle lugs are hammered flat.


    • Uses Venhart SS buckles
    • Weight: 1.785kg
  • Static ‘A Frame’ Dispenser


    Static ‘A Frame’ Dispenser: 

    This Steel Strapping Dispenser has four rollers to support the strapping within a welded triangular frame. To ensure a long life the strapping dispenser is made from 30mm diametre tubular steel.


    • Lightweight when empty
    • Stable when loaded
    • Takes a single steel strapping coil up to 19mm wide and 600mm diametre
    • Weight: 5.30kg
  • Steel Strap Cart - Mill Wound


    Steel Strap Cart  - Mill Wound: 

    This mobile steel strapping dispenser is for use with steel strapping up to 20mm wide.


    • Handy tray for seals and tools
    • H/D brake
    • All steel construction
    • Mobile unit sits on castors for easy movement around warehouse


  • Mobile ‘A Frame’ Dispenser


    Mobile ‘A Frame’ Dispenser:

    Paramount offers A-Frame Mobile Dispenser for Steel Strap (Ribbon Wound). It takes a single roll of steel strapping for easy dispensing.


    • 12-19mm (ribbon wound)
    • A-Frame
    • Comes with 2 wheels for easy mobility
    • Handy tray for seals and tools
  • Polyester [PET] Strapping Dispenser


    Polyester [PET] Strapping Dispenser:

    Paramount offers Polyester [PET] Strapping Dispenser for polyester strapping.


    • Suits 406mm core.
    • Brake stops the roll self-unwinding.
    • Strapping cart is mobile and convenient.
  • 32mm Steel Strapping Dispenser


    32mm Steel Strapping Dispenser:

    Paramount offers 32mm Steel Strapping Dispenser.


    • Heavy duty construction
    • Mobile and convenient
    • Roll sits on roller bearing 
    • for easy dispensing
  • Poly Strapping Dispensers


    Poly Strapping Dispenser:

    Paramount offers Poly Strapping Dispenser for poly strapping.


    • Mobile and convenient for easy strap dispensing
    • Suits Heavy Band strapping


  • Poly-Woven Dispenser


    Poly-Woven Dispenser:

    We offer Poly-Woven Dispenser.


    • Strap dispenser allows easy dispensing and keeps your workplace clear

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