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Strapping Tools

Strapping tools are used for tensioning, sealing and cutting strapping. There’s a variety of tools, including manual, battery operated, and pneumatic.

  • Strapping Tool Tensioner



    Strapping Tensioner is designed to tension the strapping prior to sealing.








    Following is a list of some of the sizes and types we stock. Many more available on request.

  • No31D Shears


    No31D Shears:

    Paramount offers No31D Shears.


    • Long 230mm handles produce enough leverage to cut Venhart 19mm steel strapping with one action
    • Made from cast iron with plastic covered hand grips
    • Safety guard prevents the strap end from flicking up when cut
  • VH334 Sealess


    VH334 Sealess: 

    The VH334 sealess strapping tool eliminates the need for metal seals by joining the strap with an indented seal.



    • The VH334 sealess strapping tool eliminates the need for metal seals by joining the strap with an indented seal


  • No 24IC Tensioner


    No 24IC Tensioner: 

    This is a feedwheel type tensioner, similar to No 24AC. The gripper and feedwheel act upon the full 19mm strap width to produce more efficient tensioning.


    • With 240mm handle, wider base, gripper and feedwheel
    • Takes up to 19mm wide black painted and blue tempered strapping
    • Weight: 2.10kg
  • No 24AC Tensioner


    No 24AC Tensioner: 

    No 24AC Tensioner is a feedwheel type tensioner with unlimited take-up. 


    • Can be fed directly from the coil and used in any position
    • Has long 310mm cast iron handles, torsion spring loaded strap holder, steel feedwheel and gripper
    • Suitable for 13mm, 16mm, & 19mm blue tempered & black painted steel strapping
    • Weight: 2.05kg
  • Seals / Clips


    Open / Snap-On Seals:

    These are the most commonly used type of seal. They are designed for standard duty strapping and are applied after strapping is tensioned.

    Serrated Open Seals:

    These seals are used on PET (Polyester) strapping and have a special serrated design inside the seal to grip the strapping. They are designed for smooth or embossed Polyester Strapping to keep the seal from losing grip on the strapping.

    Semi-Open Seals:

    These snap on over strapping. They are designed for high tensile strapping and tools to be applied either before of after tensioning.

    Pusher-Type Seals:

    These are specifically designed to work with pusher tools. Available for standard duty and high tensile strapping. These seals will also work with conventional tools.

    Closed Seals:

    These are designed to thread-on strapping to keep the ends aligned while banding irregular shaped items. Available for standard duty and high tensile strapping.


    Following is a list of types and sizes we stock.


  • Battery Operated Combo


    Battery Operated Combo:

    The battery powered combo hand tool is ergonomically designed and allow for long and effortless working hours.

  • Non Battery Combo


    Non Battery Combo:

    Combination tools function as tensioners, sealers and cutters. They save time by eliminating the handling of separate tools.

  • Strapping Tool Cutter



    The Polypropylene and Steel Strapping Cutter is designed to cut through both steel and polypropylene strapping.




  • Strapping Tool Sealer/ Crimper



    Strapping Sealer or Crimper is designed to lock strapping ends together in a high strength joint.









    Following is a list of sizes and types we stock. Others can be ordered in.

  • No 21C Crimper


    No 21C Crimper:

    Made from formed steel with easily replaceable crimping teeth. The 240mm handles are curved for greater leverage and the crimping bars cut into the sides of the steel to produce a crimp with stronger grip.


    • Sizes to suit 13mm, 16mm & 19mm steel strap available
    • Weight: 744g
    • Uses Venhart SC, S & XSOL seals

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