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Suspension & Retention

Korrvu® corrugated packaging safely holds your product in the center of the shipping container and keeps your product securely in place, protecting it from shock and vibration.

  • Korrvu® Retention


    Korrvu® Retention packaging provides simple and cost-effective blocking and bracing protection, showcases your products and is suitable for a wide range of applications.


    • The unique retention frame provides additional bottom cushioning for heavy and fragile objects.
    • Allows you to showcase products with excellent visibility and display.
    • The flexible retention film accommodates a wide variety of spare parts and accessories.
    • Reusable and transparent, making it ideal for new or refurbished products.



  • Korrvu® Select


    Korrvu® packaging standard designs provide proven product protection and maximum versatility in eight standard sizes for a fast and easy start. Featuring six Korrvu® retention and two Korrvu® suspension packaging designs, the standard program offers short lead times for Korrvu®packaging inserts and outer cartons, no setup fees, tooling or additional equipment required.



  • Korrvu® Lok™


    Korrvu® Lok™ compression packaging is a patented solution for shipping products when presentation and customer experience are key. The unique design utilizes a low-slip film that positions and secures your products to a corrugated backing, which guarantees that your customers will enjoy a retail experience out of the box.


    • Reduce dimensional weight through the use of structurally reinforced lightweight materials, and elimination of excess packaging material
    • Reduce dimensional weight through the use of structurally reinforced lightweight materials, and elimination of excess packaging material
    • Increase productivity with an easy and fast solutions to use - The pop and lock design of the pack reduces operator error and increases fulfillment velocity
    • Enhance customer expererience - easy to open, easy to re-use for return and recycle
    • Strenghten brand image with custom printing options



  • Suspension Packaging


    Provides valuable or fragile products with unparalleled product protection throughout the shipping cycle-even after repeated drops. Korrvu® suspension packaging suspends your product in the airspace of the shipping container between two layers of highly resilient low-slip film.


    • The design suspends your product away from impact, providing consistent protection for fragile products even after repeated drops
    • The tough and resilient suspension packaging film retains its effectiveness for return shipments and multiple uses
    • Compliments your product's appearance, combining outstanding cushioning protection and attractive presentation
    • Easy to use and simple to assemble




  • Korrvu® anti-corrosion


    Korrvu® anti-corrosion packaging with Intercept Technology™ reacts and bonds with corrosive gases, creating a neutralized atmosphere that protects your product without off-gassing. The one-step Korrvu® with Intercept Technology™ method requires zero additional materials and takes a few seconds to secure and protect your product.


    • Long term, contamination free corrosion protection
    • Permanent, humidity independent ESD protection
    • No volatiles – does not outgas
    • Safe for all metals
    • No chemicals, safe for handlers
    • Prevents mold and mildew
    • Reduces rejections – keeps items pristine



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