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Tape Dispensers

  • Tape Dispenser Guns


    Tape Dispenser Guns:

    A parcel tape dispenser really does make light work of packaging and carton sealing, resulting in a professional finish and potentially reducing wastage. The pistol grip tape dispenser is the most well-known form of tape dispenser gun used in busy warehouses and dispatch departments across the Australia. Low cost, yet sturdy enough to last for years, a packing tape dispenser is definitely the tool that your workers will thank you for more than any other!


    • Pistol grip tape dispensers for use with a wide range of tapes
    • For fast and efficient carton sealing and waste reduction
    • Comfortable grip for prolonged use and safety features included
    • A choice of dispensers for both 48mm and 75mm wide rolls
  • Gummed Paper Tape Dispensers


    Gummed Paper Tape Dispensers:

    Our range of gummed paper tape dispensers have been designed to suit a variety of different operations, from small to high volume users. All the machines are compact enough to fit snugly on a worktable or packing bench, and can be easily operated to change the water chamber and alter the length of tape you require.


    • Range of manual and electronic dispensers
    • Compact machines to use on workbenches and table tops
    • Compatible with “gum side in” and “gum side out” tape
    • Dispense gummed paper tape in set lengths, up to 90 inches long
    • Easy-to-use controls
  • Bench Clamp Tape Dispenser


     Bench Clamp Tape Dispenser:

    This heavy tape dispenser can be clamped to any surface making it the ideal tape dispenser when space is at a premium, or in awkward positions. Supplied with a sturdy C clamp suitable with a reach of up to 55mm, the robust bench clamp tape dispenser is constructed of steel and high impact plastic. Perfect for architects and artists as well as for packing warehouses, the functional B3-TC clamp tape dispenser operates in any position – even upside down.


    • Dispenser for packaging tape that can be clamped to a workbench for quick and easy use
    • Sturdy C clamp included for attaching to a flat surface
    • Can be used with 1 x 50mm or 2 x 25mm rolls of tape
    • Suitable for tape with a 75mm core up to 132m long

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