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Staples & Glues

  • Glue Guns


    Glue Guns:

    Our hot melt glue guns are designed to use with industry standard hot-melt adhesives, which we stock. Choose from light or medium duty applicators that take 12mm diameter glue sticks. The medium duty model can be rested both upright and on its side, and has an 'on' warning light.


    • Hot melt glue guns, for general purpose use
    • Take 12mm diameter glue sticks
    • Can use fast set, medium set and high set adhesive
    • Browse our full range of glue gun adhesives
    • Light duty: Dispenses up to 750g per hour
    • Medium duty: Dispenses up to 1500g per hour
  • Glue Gun Adhesives & Glue Sticks


    Glue Gun Adhesives & Glue Sticks:

    Glue guns are used throughout numerous industries to dispense either low melt or hot melt adhesives to bond a multitude of surfaces from paper and card to textiles, plastics, wood and ceramics. Kite Packaging offer a complete range of glue gun adhesives for use with all of our Glue Guns. If you require hot glue gun sticks we have the right glue gun glue sticks in stock ready for dispatch.


    • Adhesives to be used with any of Kite's glue guns
    • Available in 12mm widths
    • 5kg pack sizes with excellent savings on bulk purchases
    • Choose from clear or light tan
    • All sticks are 300mm long.
  • Stapling Pliers


    Stapling Pliers:

    Standard desktop staplers are useful whenever you have a few pieces of paper you need to fix together but should you wish to secure more than around 20 sheets, you will need a much stronger tool. Attempting to use a standard stapler will see you break it and/or waste a lot of staples needlessly.

    Our hand operated stapling pliers (also often referred to as ‘book staplers’) are perfect for joining many sheets of paper together – our general purpose model can manage 50 sheets at once and our heavy duty variant 70. These manual pliers are suitable for tougher materials too (e.g. poly bags) and clamping areas of retail and storage packaging that a regular stapler just can’t reach.


    • Hand operated stapling pliers also known as 'book staplers'
    • Ideal for general warehousing and office use
    • Useful if you staple large amount of papers or mailing bags
    • Provides a firmer fixing than desktop staplers
    • Two types available for general purpose and heavy duty use
    • General purpose can staple up to 50 sheets of paper, heavy duty can staple 70
  • Staple Guns


    Staple Guns:

    Hand held manual staple guns – interchangeably referred to as ‘hand tackers’ and ‘trigger tackers’ – are ideal for driving thick metal staples into wood, plastic and masonry materials. Whilst staple guns are undeniably useful for a multitude of industrial applications (such as securing roofing insulation, box packaging goods, and carpentry), they are also often employed to fix hobby and craft materials, and to display posters and other promotional materials on walls within schools, offices, retail outlets and more places besides.


    • Hand held staple guns for a multitude of uses
    • Sometimes referred to as 'hand tackers' or 'trigger tackers'
    • Range of strengths and styles for light to heavy duty applications
    • Squeezing handle to fire staples
    • Simple, fast and efficient way to secure posters, wood, plastics and much more
    • Four types of guns available, see product descriptions to find the right one for you
  • Hammer Tackers


    Hammer Tackers:

    hammer tacker is robust, comprises tough Swedish steel and can be used for many different applications. Sealing packages for storage or mailing, attaching waterproof linings or labels to timber pallets, securing insulation materials and affixing materials such as carpet to hard surfaces has never been so quick or so simple.


    • Hammer tacker constructed from tough Swedish steel
    • Apply staples using a hammer action for high efficiency
    • Heavy, robust unit ideal for warehouse use
    • Can be used for packages, boxes, insulation and attaching labels or linings to timber pallets
  • Carton Staplers and Box Staplers


    Carton Staplers and Box Staplers:

    Using wide crown staples to secure items which must be packed by hand can be much faster than using an adhesive sealing tape. Those with a particular concern for speed can save even more time by investing in our pneumatic top stapler instead of our hand-operated manual variant. Kite Packaging also stocks a treadle operated bottom carton stapler for your convenience.


    • Heavy duty carton staplers for top and bottom cardboard flaps
    • For general warehousing or post room use
    • Quick and secure closure of cardboard boxes, more efficient than adhesive tape sealing
    • Manual, pneumatic and foot operated staplers available depending on level of use
    • Use wide crown staples 15mm or 18mm, available on the Kite website
  • Staples



    Paramount offers a complete range of staples for all types of staplers and staple guns. We stock standard staples in an assortment of sizes for use in the home and office, as well as Rapid branded staples, industrial staples and heavy duty staples for use with staple guns and hand tackers. Our carton staples are available in a range of sizes, suitable for use with both manual and automated box staplers


    • Desktop and industrial use staples to suit various staple guns
    • Wide selection of sizes to choose from for a number of applications
    • Sizes suitable for carton sealing and use with carton staple guns
    • Leg lengths from 4mm to 18mm
    • Use our guide to find the right staples for your stapler
    • Generous discounts for bulk purchases

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