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Vacuum Sealers

  • Vacuum Sealers


    Vacuum Sealers:

    Vacuum sealers operate differently from vacuum chambers in that the bags are placed externally to the machine rather than inside it. Air is then removed and the bag is sealed, all of which is done outside of the machine. This is particularly useful when products need to be vacuum packed in a particular way, and the operator therefore needs to see the pack as it is being processed.


    • Removes air and seals a pack outside the machine
    • Validated packing machine that is certified for use with medical products and pharmaceuticals
    • Pneumatically closing sealing bars to ensure no overheating of electro magnets
    • Can operate as a table top machine or mounted on to a floor stand
    • When combined with support stand this machine can seal packs horizontally or vertically
  • Vacuum Chamber Machines


    Vacuum Chamber Machines:

    Vacuum chambers are used to remove excess air from plastic vacuum pouches and seal the top of the pouches. Typically used by the food industry when packaging items such as cheeses and meats. Using a vacuum chamber in your packaging operation is a highly efficient method when looking to create a professional looking and hygienic package, as the method reduces atmospheric oxygen which limits the growth of bacteria. The method is also ideal for shipping and fulfilment businesses looking to reduce bulky items, for instance clothing and bedding can be vacuum packed to reduce pack size, and for keeping small parts together in consignments such as in the engineering or furniture industry.


    • Ideal for producing compact packs that offer protection from air and moisture
    • Choice of desktop and free-standing models
    • All operated via a digital control panel for simple operation
    • Varying pump capacity to suit your operation
    • Designed for use with our range of vacuum pouches
    • Currently available on a 4 week lead time

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