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Inflatable Packaging

Inflatable packaging systems creates an air pillow that provides excellent protection and efficient void-fill while reducing material and shipping costs.

  • NewAir I.B.® Express


    The NewAir I.B.® Express inflatable cushioning system quickly produces Barrier Bubble® material at 55 ft per minute in 12" and 24" film widths -  fast enough to keep up with the most demanding packaging operations.


    • Versatile - Small footprint and variety of batching, delivery and converting options fit almost any packaging environment
    • Save Valuable Floor Space - Fits on a tabletop or can be mounted on a table-side stand. A single film roll can produce 5000 square feet of 1/2 inch Barrier Bubble® material, creating on-demand packaging and avoiding storage of bulky material
    • Responsible Packaging - Material is lightweight and inflates on-site taking up a fraction of the truck space to ship conventional packaging materials and reduces the transportation impact
    • Sizes Offered - Available in two different film widths, 12 and 24 inches, a variety of standard and premium film options as well as Anti-Static film
    • Available Accessories - Supported by a large array of system accessories including System Stand & Rollwinder, Instasheeter™ Converting System, and JetStream™ Delivery System


    Following is a list of types and sizes we stock.



  • NewAir I.B. Flex™


    NewAir I.B. Flex™ is the next generation of on-demand inflatable cushioning systems with the agility to produce air cushioning materials ranging from ultra-light for source reduction to heavy duty for damage protection that rivals the performance of foams. From custom shapes and patterns to enhance the consumer unboxing experience to engineered inflatables designed to maximize damage protection, the NewAir I.B. Flex harnesses the power of air to meet the rigorous demands of small parcel shipping. 


    • Small machine that makes a big impact - Compact footprint of 5.5 square feet
    • Produces up to 90 feet per minute of on-demand inflatable packaging materials. Faster inflation makes lines more productive, labor more efficient and gets more products out the door on time
    • Maximum inflation reduces excess material use up to 50%
    • A patented combination of inflation technology and materials maximizes the inflation in every cell thus providing positive pressure. The system’s superior cushioning performance reduces the amount of material needed in each package to provide optimal damage protection
    • High performance components and coatings on the NewAir I.B. Flex limit production delays and throughput loss. Materials are manufactured for long-life system reliability, extending part life two to five times
    • RoHS compliant
    • Offers operational efficiency, spaces savings, and freight cost reduction
    • Accessories are available for businesses of all sizes: Stand/Roll Winder, Instasheeter Converting System, and Jet Stream Overhead Delivery System



  • Bubble Wrap® IB Expressions


    Bubble Wrap® IB Expressions is an on-demand inflatable cushioning solution that delivers brand experience to the consumer's doorstep. Available in vibrant colors and  creative patterns, Bubble Wrap® IB Expressions can be customized with specific brand elements.


    • Enhances brands and delights customers with a truly unique packaging experience
    • Protects better with 30%+ more cushioning than competitive bubble of the same size
    • Minimizes the physical footprint needed to store materials, allowing for operational expansion and increased revenue
    • Minimizes material handling time and increases production time
    • Creates less waste by avoiding messy, excessive wraps and void fill
    • Minimizes downtime with best-in-class equipment proven to maximize throughput with on-demand, easy-to-use inflation
    • Inflates on site using lightweight, responsible packaging material reducing the shipping transportation impacts incurred by conventional packaging materials



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