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Packaging Tape

Packaging Tape is considered a pressure sensitive tape used in a wide variety of applications, commonly used for closing or sealing boxes and packages for shipments. Our friendly team will help you choose the correct tape for your particular requirements, at a competitive price.

  • Packaging Tape - Acrylic Adhesive


    Acrylic adhesive tapes have high temperature resistance, high-grade UV resistance and great permanent bonding strength. They are best suited for applications in temperatures less that 4°C and greater than 49°C. Acrylic tapes provide excellent clarity and age well over extended periods in sunlight and fluorescent lighting. Acrylic packing tape is your best bet for storage boxes.


    • Cost effective
    • Bond improves over time
    • Performs well in Cold environments
    • Have better heat, UV and shear resistance


    • Can be hard to stick initially
    • Not suited to dusty environments
    • Can be hard to stick to recycled cardboard




    Following is a list of types and sizes we stock.





  • Packaging Tape - Natural Rubber Adhesive

    Natural rubber tapes are unique among adhesive backed tapes because of their aggressive adhesion properties, quick penetration, and grip on corrugated (and other surfaces) saving "rub down" time. They are ideal for cartons with recycled paper content, heavy ink coverage, rough or ultra-smooth surfaces and other problem cartons.


    • Hi Tack
    • Great for recycled cardboard
    • Great for heavy loads


    • More expensive







  • Packaging Tape - Hot Melt Rubber Adhesive


    Hot Melt Rubber adhesive tapes offer the widest range of application flexibility available. They offer excellent performance whether applied by hand or by Carton Sealers. Their superior adhesion properties, holding force, and tensile strength ensure consistent, reliable seals. Noted for a quiet release and easy unwind, Hot Melt carton sealing tapes are well suited for automatic carton sealers.


    • Quick bond
    • Secure over time


    • Not ideal in cold conditions





  • 3M™ 370 Hot Melt Packaging Tape


    3M™ Hot Melt Tape 370 is a general purpose box sealing tape with a bi-axially orientated polypropylene film backing and a hot melt, solvent-free synthetic rubber resin adhesive. It is designed for carton sealing applications where weight, value of cartons and rough handling during transportation are minimal.

    3M™ Hot Melt Tape 370 is intended for box sealing, splicing, recuperating and other packaging applications. Once applied, the product performs well throughout most temperatures typically encountered by packaged products in shipping and storage environments.


    • Pressure-sensitive adhesive
    • Helps provide good adhesion to fireboard
    • Tear and split resistant
    • Conformable backing





  • Printed Polypropylene Tape


    Printed Polypropylene Tape:

    We can create custom printed tape for your specific needs. Printed tape can instantly identify cartons requiring special handling or storage. Messages aid the consumer and safeguard merchandise during transit.

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